Events / 9-11 February 2016, DistribuTECH

DistribuTECH is an utility industry conference and exhibition organized in Orlando, Florida on 9-11 February, 2016. Flexibilis has a Flexibilis Redundant Switch (FRS) demo in the event. You can find the demo from Altera booth 1068 – please come to check it out if you’re visiting the event!

Read more about DistribuTECH on their website:

News / HSR Standard Ed. 3 Introduces Mode X

Edition 3 of IEC 62439-3 has been approved on January 8th, 2016. IEC 62439-3 is the standard for High-availability Seamless Redundancy (HSR) and Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP).

Flexibilis Redundant Switch (FRS) supports the new edition, including the HSR Mode X it introduces. In HSR Mode X, nodes discard the duplicates in opposite direction. This reduces the amount of network load caused by the multicasts to about half and frees resources for other uses.

Devices in HSR Ring

News / FRS 2.9.3 Supports Quartus 15.0

New version 2.9.3 of Flexibilis Redundant Switch (FRS) has been released. Updates have been made to the FRS reference designs as well as the FRS IP, including some bug fixes. Now FRS supports Quartus II design software version 15.0. More information about the software can be found on Altera webpage.

New versions of FRS are available on the downloads page:

Events / 24-26 November 2015, SPS IPC Drives

Meet Flexibilis at SPS IPC Drives! We can be found at Hall 3, booth 270. This is Altera’s booth with whom we are partners with. SPS IPC Drives concentrates on electric automation systems and components. The event is held at Nuremberg, Germany, 24-26 November 2015.

Please read more about the event on their website:

News / Evaluate FRS with Terasic SoCKit

Flexibilis Redundant Switch (FRS) can now be evaluated with Terasic SoCKit. The SoCKit includes Altera Cyclone V SoC FPGA with a Dual-Core ARM Cortex-A9.

Instructions how to set up the evaluation are available on the downloads page, or you can just see the document here: FRS Evaluation Setup Guide, Terasic SoC. The SoC reference design needed for the evaluation is also available on the downloads page.

You can find more information about Terasic SoCKit on their webpage:

FRS SoC Demo

Events / 11-16 October 2015, ISPCS

Flexibilis will be joining ISPCS 2015 as a Silver sponsor and it is a good opportunity to meet us face–to–face! The event is held 11th-16th October 2015 in Beijing, China. ISPCS focuses on technologies of precision clock synchronization and consist of a plugfest, industry day and symposium. Please read more at:

News / FRS Optimized in New Version 2.9.1

New version of Flexibilis Redundant Switch (FRS) is now available, and can be downloaded from here: In version 2.9.1 of the IP core, memory and logic usage have been optimized and issues fixed. Also version 2.9.2 is already out, it adjusts management trailer handling for QuadBox.

The reference design version 2.9.1 changes the design to match the newest IP core version. Also supervision stack has been updated.

News / FRS Now Has Cut-through

New version of Flexibilis Redundant Switch (FRS) has been released this week. The most significant improvement is that the switch now has cut-through functionality, in addition to store-and-forward. You can freely choose between these two, whichever suits your system better.

Cut-through is a packet forwarding method in which the switch starts to forward the packet before it is fully received. This lowers latency in a non-congested network. With store-and-forward the packet is fully received before it is forwarded, and it is more reliable especially if there are high error rates.

You can download both reference design and IP core version 2.9 from here:

Events / 25-27 November 2014, SPS IPC Drives

Flexibilis participates to SPS IPC Drives which is arranged 25-27th November 2014 in Nuremberg, Germany. SPS IPC Drives is Europe’s leading exhibition for electric automation. Please come to meet us and hear more about FRS as well as HSR and PRP! You can find us from the Altera stand 3-270.

Event website:

News / Flexibilis Partnered with Wind River

Flexibilis has partnered with Wind River, the developer of the VxWorks real-time operating system (RTOS). VxWorks is designed for use in embedded systems. It is employed for example in aerospace, automotive, robotics, medical devices and networking. VxWorks fulfills the next-generation requirements of Internet of Things (IoT). The advantage of a real-time OS is its quick and predictable response as well as low latency.

As our partner, Wind River supports Flexibilis’ software development. In turn, Flexibilis supports VxWorks to address the needs of a wide range of customers.

More about VxWorks: