Getting Started with FRS – Training Sessions

The first session of this training series is also available on Youtube!

“Getting Started with FRS” are training sessions directed to those who plan to implement FRS and HSR, PRP or IEEE 1588. The training will give you a head start – it will decrease time-to-market significantly. It will also reduce the technical risk related to your project and make the implementation of FRS smoother.

The training consists of three separate modules. You can choose which of these modules you want to include in the training, although it is highly recommended to take the whole package. Each module includes an online session of about 1-3 hours. Telco over Microsoft Lync or Skype can be used. A client application is needed on your computer and communication should be tested in advance. The sessions are private and just for your company’s people, and they can be held with a timetable that suits your pace.

Please ask for an offer.

Module 1: Basics of HSR, PRP and IEEE 1588 ▼

Module 2: Validate Your Design ▼

Module 3: Implement HSR, PRP and IEEE 1588 Support on Your FPGA ▼

In addition to these, you can also request other kind of training to meet your specific needs.

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