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SpeedChip XRS7000 User Manual
User Manual for XRS7000 chip.
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SpeedChip XRS7000 Reference Board Manual
Manual for XRS7000E Reference Board.
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SpeedChip XRS7000 Series Errata
Errata for XRS7000 series chips.
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XRS and FRS Reference Software User Guide
User Guide for XRS Device Reference Software.
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XRS Software Environment
XRS Software Environment is meant for testing and evaluating XRS devices.
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XRS RPi Disk Image
XRS Disk Image for Raspberry Pi can be used to evaluate and test XRS devices. Please read the “XRS and FRS Reference Software User Guide” for more information.
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Flexibilis Ethernet Switch (FES) & Flexibilis Redundant Switch (FRS)

FES / FRS Manual
Flexibilis Ethernet Switch (FES) and Flexibilis Redundant Switch (FRS) Manual.
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FES / FRS Evaluation Package
The evaluation package includes:

  • FES/FRS IP Core Evaluation version with about 2 hours run-time limit. After the timeout the device needs to be reset.
  • FES/FRS Reference Design for Intel Cyclone IV and Cyclone V
  • FES/FRS Reference Design for Intel Cyclone V SoC

You can download the evaluation package by filling in this form: Go to FRS IP Download Form

FES / FRS Reference Design Specification
Documentation for the FES / FRS Reference Designs packages.
FES/FRS Reference Design Specification (pdf) (Cyclone IV & V)
FRS SoC Reference Design Specification (pdf) (Cyclone V SoC)

HSR, PRP and PTP Test Plan
The test plan presents a network using real physical devices implementing HSR, PRP and PTP. At Flexibilis this network is used to test the functionality of Flexibilis reference designs for Intel development boards.
HSR&PRP&PTP Test Plan (pdf)

Advanced Flexibilis Ethernet Controller (AFEC)

AFEC is a Gigabit Ethernet controller IP core. This is the evaluation version with an OpenCore Plus license and 10 hour timeout.
Download AFEC (zip) and the required new license file