Flexibilis in ISPCS 2012 and Cigre 2012

Flexibilis participated in International IEEE Symposium on Precision Clock Synchronization for Measurement, Control and Communication (ISPCS 2012) that was arranged Sept 23th-28th in San Francisco, USA. The event consisted of IEEE1588-2008 plug-fest as well as technical program.

In the plug-fest Flexibilis tested the interoperability between their and other manufacturers’ solutions in time synchronization. This was the first time that IEEE1588 was tested in HSR network in such an event. The testing went very well for Flexibilis and using IEEE1588 in HSR network and substation automation seems very promising.

Flexibilis also took part in Cigre 2012 which is a technical exhibition arranged in Paris, France. It is the leading event for power system experts. Flexibilis presented their HSR/PRP Ethernet switch (FES-HSR) there as well as its interoperability with other manufacturers.