iS5Com releases iHSR, Intelligent HSR/PRP Ethernet Switch

Leveraging the technologies and Intellectual Property of Altera and Flexibilis Oy, iS5Com announces their iHSR GooseEdge an intelligent High-Availability Seamless Redundancy/Parallel Redundancy Protocol Ethernet Switch. iS5Com’s HSR/PRP redundancy box (RedBox) solution enables the ultimate reliability for the IEC61850 and GOOSE messaging environments of Substation Automation with zero network recovery time in the event of a failure. In addition to supporting both High Availability Seamless Redundancy (HSR, IEC 62439-3 Clause 5) and Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP, IEC 62439-3 Clause 4) this content aware Redundancy Box ties into iS5Com’s portfolio of IEC 61850 software tools, Discovery and GooseAir, which allow utilities complete transparency into their IP and 61850 GOOSE ecosystems. Incorporating state-of-the-art features like IEEE 1588v2 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) and end-to-end transparent switch functionality iS5Com’s iRB6 GooseEdge HSR/PRP Redbox is a key enabler of advanced technologies in the critical infrastructure of Smart Grid and Substation Automation.

About iS5Communications
iS5Com is an integrated service and solutions provider, designer of advanced software tools and manufacturer of intelligent, Industrial Ethernet products that are designed to be used in the harsh environments of utility sub-stations, roadside transportation, rail, and industrial applications. iS5Com’s services and products are key enablers of advanced technology implementation such as the Smart Grid, Intelligent Transportation Systems and the Intelligent Oil Field.

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