FES 3.0 Combines FES, FRS and FDS into a Single IP Core

The new version of FES, FRS and FDS combines these three Flexibilis Ethernet IP Cores together into one core, called FES 3.0. FES 3.0 introduces the possibility to license selectable features.

The additional and licensable features include:

  • HSR
  • PRP
  • Static MAC table
  • Traffic Policing
  • Traffic Shaping
  • MACsec

Without any optional features FES 3.0 is a basic Ethernet switch core. The design variation of FES 3.0 that combines redundant networking features is called Flexibilis Redundant Switch (FRS), and the variation with Time-sensitive networking (TSN) features is called Flexibilis Deterministic Switch (FDS).

Compared to previous versions, new features include MACsec, new generics and improved HSR Mode X support. More detailed description of FES 3.0 can be found in its manual: FES Manual

FES 3.0 has several changes compared to the previous versions FRS 2.9.4 and FES. Please contact us if you need help in migrating from FRS 2.9.4 / FES to FES 3.0.